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The F.A. Davis Athletic Training Collection is an all-on-one digital subscription resource featuring access to on-demand titles and multimedia resources by trusted authors like Starkey, Prentice, Houglum, and Beam, among others.

An institutional subscription to F.A. Davis Athletic Training Collection:

  • Provides students with unparalleled access to textbooks by the most reputable minds in athletic training.
  • Provides students with access to exclusive videos and cases that will help them see concepts come to life.
  • Saves students money while giving them maximum affordability and portability to all of the materials they need to excel.
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F.A. David Athletic Training is used in more than 85 countries, by leading medical schools and hospitals including:

Why F.A. Davis Athletic Training Collection?


Expert content on any device

  • Content developed by world-renowned experts in their fields—the best minds in medicine
  • Moderated, curated, and continually updated by an expert team of content and platform specialists
  • Content is easily searchable and can be viewed, watched and listened to on any device

Accessible on and off campus

  • Students and faculty can log in while in the library, in class, on work experience, on the go or at home
  • Off-campus access ensures users can lean on point of care resources, diagnostic tools and more when applying theory in a practical setting
  • All you need is a WiFi connection to log in to F.A. Davis AT Collection. Explore the full range of content, tools and resources across any device

Covers all subjects and teaching approaches

  • Covers the full range of subjects taught in medical schools—from first year to residency/training and on to clinical practice
  • Supports a variety of medical education teaching approaches: traditional, integrated, case-based, problem-based, flipped classroom
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