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A virtual medical school curriculum used by over 110,000 students around the world

Boards & Beyond supports medical students with on-demand video libraries and question banks designed to build a solid foundation of understanding that goes beyond memorization. Designed and taught by Dr. Jason Ryan, a board-certified cardiologist and award-winning educator with over a decade of teaching experience, Boards & Beyond products are used by students in the US and around the world to supplement their classes and prepare for board exams, core clerkships, and successful careers.

Explore the Boards & Beyond product library

  • Step 1-Preclinical provides an online virtual curriculum to supplement M1 and M2 coursework and builds students’ foundation in all pre-clinical subjects. Instead of buzzwords and mnemonics, we emphasize understanding of the basic and clinical sciences, so students can STUDY SMARTER for success in medical school and on board exams. Step 1-Preclinical includes more than 440 videos and over 2300 USMLE-style questions, as well as progress tracking, custom quizzes & playlists, and slide PDFs. If preparing for Step 1, students can use Boards & Beyond with the confidence of an “A” rating from First Aid for the USMLE Step 1. Many students annotate in First Aid as they watch, using the page references listed with each video to follow along.
  • Step 2-3-Clinical expands expands students’ foundation into clinical topics, including in-depth discussions of diagnosis and treatment that will help them excel during clinical rotations and on the USMLE Step 2 CK and Step 3 exams. Dr. Ryan illustrates the connections between the mechanisms studied and the actual treatment decisions students will make as doctors. Step 2-3-Clinical includes more than 260 videos and over 1300 USMLE-style questions, as well as progress tracking, custom quizzes & playlists, and slide PDFs .
  • The Wards Series (COMING SOON) For our new Wards Series, Dr. Ryan has brought together a team of premier physicians who will share their expertise in the different specialties students will face during their clinical rotations and residencies. They provide insight into what it's like by sharing practical details about the things that aren't covered in textbooks or board exams. The Wards Series isn't about passing tests or doing well in class – it’s about the real-world application of knowledge when treating patients for the first time, as well as working as part of a team in a hospital setting. The Wards Series is ideal for:  
    • Medical students going on clinical rotations for the first time
    • New graduates and IMGs getting ready for Residency
    • Anyone who wants to prepare for all of the things not covered in classes and on exams

Improve your students' learning experience - both inside and outside of the classroom

Flipped Classrooms
Boards & Beyond makes it easy to set up flipped classroom sessions. The flipped classroom approach is shown to improve student learning and optimize your face-to-face teaching time.
Self-Directed Learning
Give students access to a full library of lectures and questions to make use of any time they want to put extra time into studying a particular topic, whether for class, to prepare for clinical rotations, or to study for Board exams. With the ability to create custom playlists and quizzes, students are empowered to discover their own unique paths to learning.
Remedial Assignments
Guide students who are struggling with challenging concepts (such as biochemistry, genetics, or physiology) towards the exact content they need, with videos that explain complex topics in plain language, and USMLE-style questions to consolidate their understanding with explanations of both correct and incorrect answers.
Faculty Tools
Institutions also have the opportunity to opt-in to our new Faculty Tools functionality with any Institutional Subscription. It allows instructors to invite their students into a private educational group where they can assign specific video playlists and custom quizzes. Instructors may create an unlimited number of groups, and can invite a TA to assist with creating assignments, monitoring student progress and communicating with the class.

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Boards & Beyond Explainer Video

Watch this informative overview of the product and get a better understanding of it's core features, scope of high-yield content and the functional benefits it offers to students and instructors.

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