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1. Go to

2. Select "Redeem Access Code" and enter your voucher/access code (listed below)

3. Then you'll be prompted to sign up with your name and email address. Now you're all set to use the platform.

* Your students or colleagues can have access to any of these courses via the same code *

AP Biology

Access code: mhapbsrc522 

AP Calculus AB

Access code: mhapcmjg477

AP Chemistry

Access code: mhapcesr332          

AP English Language

Access code: mhapgfjb569

AP English Literature

Access code: mhaptkps886

AP Human Geography

Access code: mhapgamd595

AP Macroeconomics

Access code: mhapmspk299 

AP Microeconomics

Access code: mhapcpyv743

AP Physics 1

Access code: mhappswr447

AP Psychology

Access code: mhapcgbx289

AP Statistics

Access code: mhapsvrg984

AP U.S. Government & Politics

Access code: mhapgwph337

U.S. History

Access code: mhapudrw352  

AP World History

Access code: mhapwmps886

These access codes are valid until August 10, 2020.