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Encourage scientific discovery with this award-winning, multidisciplinary STEM education resource, based on the renowned McGraw-Hill Education Encyclopedia of Science & Technology.
  • Help students master key scientific concepts with access nearly 9,000 articles, research reviews, and briefings by more than 9,000 scientists and engineers, including 42 Nobel Prize laureates.
  • Enrich lectures and presentations with more than 18,000 vivid downloadable images and animations.
  • Save time on lesson preparation with curriculum maps.
  • Teach information literacy and academic professionalism with access to citable primary literature and rigorously vetted scientific information.
  • Cite authoritative studies quickly and easily with the dynamic citation tool.
  • Inspire budding inventors with a growing collection of DIY maker projects.
  • Captivate students with 3,000 biographies of leading scientific figures, plus engaging video biographies.
  • Spark curiosity and self-exploration additional resources.
  • Get regular updates on the latest scientific breakthroughs and trending topics.
Covering everything from astronomy to zoology with engaging, interactive features, AccessScience brings STEM learning to life!

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