Harrison's 21st edition:
the voice of clinical reason

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine is the most trusted clinical medical resource for health care professionals worldwide.

Harrisons 21st Edition

What's inside?

Featuring updated content and resources from the best minds in medicine, Harrison’s 21st edition is the authoritative voice supporting current and future clinicians and public health organizations.


  • Covid-19
  • Vaccine hesitancy
  • Precision medicine
  • Health disparities

New possibilities

  • The latest clinical innovations
  • Insights from renowned editors and contributors

New understanding

  • Expertly curated summaries of the latest research
  • Mastery of new disease mechanisms and related therapeutics

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For academic institutions

For academic institutions

Medical school students, faculty and learning clinicians need this new edition for their curriculum studies.

For academic institutions

For medical practitioners

Practicing clinicians need this new edition to enable competent practice, lifelong learning, and to aid continuous professional development and certification.

For companies providing care

For companies providing care

Managed healthcare companies need this edition to provide the best possible patient care while supporting ongoing staff development and qualifications.

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