The Future of English Language Learning

An innovative six level English Language Learning (ELL) Course, ELLevate English empowers and supports teachers to give their students the language and critical thinking skills needed for success in today’s world.

Based in real-life experiences it will transform their English comprehension through practical and inspiring courses and assignments.

A flexible course framework aligned to CEFR

Through 6 modular stages ELLevate English has been developed by instructional design experts to ensure curricula, learning materials and assessment instruments are aligned to levels A1 to B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ideal for middle and high school students.

With integrated print and digital resources, developed to be used together or as a digital only course, the platform provides multimedia and interactive course materials that increase student engagement and encourage active participation.

ELLevate English Students learning

Maximise teaching power and unlock student potential

Auto-grading and learning analytics allow instructors to efficiently assess student performance and progress in real-time. These analytics combined with a flexible, modular course structure allow you to target instruction where students need it most, making the most of every minute in the class room.

ELLevate English's open platform and course design make it easy to create, modify and enhance coursework to fully customise your course.

Focus on 21st century skills for future success

Experts agree that there are four key skills that students need to succeed in future careers; critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

As well as providing instruction to improve the four language skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) ELLevate English's modules integrate the learning of the four C's by encouraging students to analyse and evaluate, be creative and communicate with peers.

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