Throughout Higher Education, educators have recognized that incoming undergraduates struggle with math. To help boost student math skills, Economics instructor Robert J. McKeown from York University implemented AI to help bridge the math skills gap. Using AI, students received personalized feedback on what they didn’t know and could focus on where they needed help the most.

Join us to learn more about Robert’s experience with AI and how you can implement a similar solution to help bridge the math gap at your institution or in your department. This session is applicable to all faculty dealing with a math skills gap and searching for a solution to help support student success.

Robert J. McKeown

Robert is a CFA holder and earned his doctorate degree from Queen’s University in 2017 where his research focused on financial stability and banking. He currently holds the position of assistant professor, teaching stream in the Department of Economics at York University where he teaches math and economics. He believes that applying the quantitative research techniques of economics to the classroom can improve the student experience. In this vain, he has taken part in experiments on whether bonus marks can incentivize student performance and how an AI tutor might improve math skills. Robert is a proponent of using technology to enhance the classroom experience. For example clicker questions facilitate memory retention and both instructor-student and student-to-student communication.

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