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AccessEngineering prepares students to solve real-world problems, provides access to upper-level textbooks at no additional cost, enables faculty to integrate practical resources into their courses, and helps professionals find relevant information faster, driving increased ROI.

An institutional subscription to AccessEngineering:

  • Provides students with digital editions of leading upper-level engineering textbooks such as Golnaraghi’s Automatic Control Systems, Davis’ Water and Wastewater Engineering, Vanek’s Energy Systems Engineering and the well-known Schaum’s Outlines.
  • Incorporates current editions of authoritative engineering references, including Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, and the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers.
  • Includes 5,000+ interactive graphs and 40,000 downloadable tables, 50+ spreadsheet calculators with 500+ equations, 1,000+ exclusive instructional videos, and 700+ eBooks to integrate into any engineering curriculum.
  • Features access to McGraw Hill’s award-winning data visualization tool— DataVis™—specifically designed for teaching material properties.

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Trusted by Leading Medical Schools
AccessEngineering is used in more than 85 countries, by leading medical schools and hospitals including:

Why AccessEngineering?


Authoritative content on any device

  • Offers digital editions of leading upper-level textbooks and trusted engineering reference books
  • Search and browse capabilities make it incredibly easy for users to find the information they need
  • Content can be viewed, watched and listened to on any device

Accessible on and off campus

  • Students and faculty can log in while in the library, in class, on work experience, on the go or at home
  • Off-campus access ensures users can lean on our trusted engineering resources in any setting
  • All you need is a WiFi connection to log in to AccessEngineering. You can also download pdfs of book chapters for offline reading.

Covers all disciplines and levels

  • Offers world-renowned content across all engineering disciplines
  • Provides material for first and second year students, upper-level students, faculty, and practicing engineers
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