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AccessCardiology from McGraw Hill is the world's most comprehensive online cardiology resource, specifically built for cardiology residents, fellows, and physicians to learn, refine, and enhance their clinical reasoning skills.

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  • Provides access to the latest versions of trusted, authoritative titles, including Hurst's the Heart, CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Cardiology, Color Atlas and Synopsis of Cardiology, Quick Dx & Rx Cardiology, Williams Hematology, Harrison's Cardiovascular Medicine, Clinical Electrophysiology Review, and more.
  • Takes learning off the page with an extensive multimedia library featuring videos, audio, and high quality images illustrating procedures in ways text cannot. Topics covered include angiography, echocardiography, multimodal imaging, surgery, and more.
  • Helps users link to current information about tests, conditions, and medication in Cardiology Clinical Questions, which features concise bullet points for review or quick reference in a clinical setting.
  • Prepares users for certification, re-certification, or CME with a comprehensive content database.

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Why AccessCardiology?


Expert content on any device

  • Content developed by world-renowned experts in their fields—the best minds in medicine
  • Moderated, curated, and continually updated by an expert team of content and platform specialists
  • Content is easily searchable and can be viewed, watched and listened to on any device

Accessible on and off campus

  • Students and faculty can log in while in the library, in class, on work experience, on the go, or at home
  • Off-campus access ensures users can lean on point-of-care resources, diagnostic tools, and more when applying theory in a practical setting
  • All you need is a WiFi connection to log in to AccessCardiology. Explore the full range of content, tools, and resources across any device

Covers all subjects and teaching approaches

  • Covers the full range of subjects taught in medical schools—from first year to residency/training and on to clinical practice
  • Supports a variety of medical education teaching approaches: traditional, integrated, case-based, problem-based, flipped classroom
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